Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 32 GB – With Special Offers

June 25, 2013 - Comment


Sajad Jiyad says:

Best tablet for the price I purchased this from the US before the UK version came out and I’m glad I opted for the larger 8.9 inch version than the smaller 7 inch Fire HD as there is a marked increase in resolution and screen real estate (this is better than full 1080 HD). I also have an iPad 4 and this review is based on a comparison of the two tablets as I believe they are the top two (Samsung Tab would be number 3) in the market.Size and build quality: I like that this is slightly smaller than the iPad…

James says:

An EXCELLENT tablet, just minor bug bears that are easy to live with. I am very glad these are now available in the UK. I got one using xmas money from a British eBay seller that had bought some from America. I went the extra mile to get the 8.9″ version because of what I would use it for, it is definitely worth it if you are an avid video watcher as the bigger screen makes all the difference. I think it is a good size for a tablet it’s not too big and heavy yet also not too small that you want to bring it closer.As for the tablet itself, it gets 4…

Bobbins says:

I cannot recommend highly enough – Amazon perfection yet again! Buy it now – you will NOT regret it – I was hooked after the first couple of hours and my lap top has only been switched on once since I received my Kindle 4 weeks ago!As I purchased a new lap top last September I debated over spending more money on a Kindle Fire but after speaking to a few people and reading the very helpful positive and negative reviews on Amazon I decided to go ahead and I am SO glad that I did.The Kindle Fire was the only tablet I considered as I…

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