Lenovo Ideapad Z500 15.6-inch Laptop (Dark Chocolate) – (Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Nvidia Graphics, Windows 8)

July 4, 2013 - Comment


Emily says:

Awesome! i bought 2 of these laptops, one for me and one for my partner.let me first off state what a good quality feel they have to them, the build quality is great and with it being slim it feels alot better to carry around. my partner and i use this laptop for general web use and light gaming, they do both VERY well.PRO’SSlim – easy to carry aroundGood Build QualityHigh Specs means its good for lighter gaming ( Sims 3, World Of Tanks Aprox 40-50 fps high-med settings, Source Engine Games just to name a few )Speakers are good quality sound, build in webcam is HD enough for use in Skype with friends, and build in mic is okay.windows 8 is good ( Takes some getting use to )1TB hard drive is plenty of space for all family photo’s and videosdoesnt seem to suffer too badly from heat unless on a demanding game ( i use it on my lap )the back lights on the keyboard really help at night to see the keys im pressing ( you can turn the back…

JohnnyP5000 says:

Great hardware, but not without (fixable) issues Firstly, I just want to say that – purely as a piece of hardware – the Lenovo Z500 is very impressive, for the price.The machine comes with both integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and GeForce GT635m (1gb) cards (the machine is set-up to switch automatically between cards, when required. However, it is easy to change the card settings to your own preference). The keyboard is similar to a MacBook Pro and is backlit. The machine runs quietly and stays quite cool (although I have not yet run any games on it). The build quality appears really good, (again) for the price (still plenty of plastic, though).However, when I did my first Windows 8 update, 19 of the 38 updates failed. Turned out this is because I hadn’t updated “Nitro Pro” (included software – I selected “free trial”) to the latest version (the version pre-installed on my machine stops Windows 8 updating properly). Once I had updated “Nitro Pro”, the other 19 Windows updates installed fine. It may have been…

R. Emmott says:

Excellent laptop for the price Lenovo was not my initial choice of manufacturer but that was based on lack of knowledge rather than anything else. I wanted an i5 processor, 6 GB RAM, 1TB hard disc, reasonable graphics and sound and ideally a backlit keyboard. Screen quality was not a priority as I plan to use a separate screen. All at the best possible price.The Lenovo Z500 was what emerged from my search and it was well reviewed. The backlit keyboard was the final decisive factor.Researching Lenovo, it is much bigger than I had realised, and (against industry trends to outsource) is making strides to keep much manufacturing in-house to get better consistency and quality. After a week, I am very happy with my choice. The machine is well made, runs quickly and quietly, and Windows 8 is much faster than Windows 7.I noted some issues from other reviews – that the screen brightness was not easy to adjust, likewise the backlit screen was hard to operate. And I noted many comments on…

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