Samsung 350V5C 15.6-inch Laptop (Silver) – (Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8)

July 4, 2013 - Comment

Samsung NP350V5CA0EUKCore i53210M 25Ghz Windows 8 Home 6GB Ram 750GB HDD DVD SM Wifi Webcam Titan Silver NP350V5CA0EUK Laptops Notebooks Product Features -

Samsung NP350V5CA0EUKCore i53210M 25Ghz Windows 8 Home 6GB Ram 750GB HDD DVD SM Wifi Webcam Titan Silver NP350V5CA0EUK Laptops Notebooks

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Simon Rawson says:

Excellent value for money – good performance and looks I spent a good deal of time researching options for a new laptop to be my main home computer. I’m not a gamer but wanted something powerful enough to do multitasking and photo editing. I didn’t want a fashion statement but also didn’t want a slab of plastic. And most of all, I wanted great value for money.My early impressions are that this Samsung laptop meets or exceeds all my criteria.It looks modern and stylish, though is clearly plastic not metal. It boots really quickly to Windows 8. I have downloaded, installed and run all of my day-to-day applications (browser, music player, word processor, photo editor) and it has not missed a beat. I like the matt (not shiny or glossy) screen.At this price point (£429.99 when purchased on 27 Dec) I don’t think there is a better offer out there at the moment.

Music addict says:

A quick first view I am one of the first to receive this new Autumn 2012 Windows 8 Samsung which I chose because it seemed to offer a high spec. for a reasonable price. This is my Xmas present for my wife, since I was getting tired of hearing her cries of despair and ire when working on her old laptop. With an i5 processor and 6GB of DDR3 1600 mhz RAM and 750gb of hard drive memory, this should keep things ticking over nicely. There is no separate graphics card, so I don’t know how good it would be for gaming, but that’s not a need for us.The screen is matt, not glossy-reflective, which is a plus in my book. The colours may not be as vibrant as on a glossy screen, but it’s not an obvious difference and the colours still look good to me.The very dark silver case is classy-looking and is metallic in appearance, although mainly plastic. There is a brighter silver surround around the touchpad.The inbuilt speakers are loud enough for the average living-room to listen in,…

Grade A says:

A decent mid range laptop destroyed by Windows 8 A review of the laptop first:Samsung are in a dwindling laptop market – it seems nobody can or wont compete with the MacBook. Of the various manufacturers out there, Samsung are as good a bet as anybody and, IMHO, just LOOK better than anybody else’s machine. However, the machine feels a bit cheaper than it looks – a bit plasticy. The keyboard is of the ‘island key’ type which isnt a bad thing as it makes the keyboard feel good. The mousepad is large and functions well if you want to use the laptop on the move. The laptop is generally small and lightweight, which means it is mobile. All in all, a tidy if unspectacular machine. (AS an addon note – I too am bewildered why there are no caps locks lights as there is certainly space for it)My use for this laptop was minimal. This is my ‘second’ laptop – I use a Dell for work. All I wanted was something to play the record player through and to install Roxio. It does this fine. The screen is very good (for the price)…

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