Philips MC147/05 Micro HiFi System – Black

June 24, 2013 - Comment


Ian says:

Nice Little Pacakge This little system from Philips is nicely packaged – not too garish and fine for a bedroom. It has plenty of sound, MP3 player input, headphone output, cassette tape (remember them?) and of course a top loader CD player.I live in a small block of flats constructed of steel and solid concrete walls – almost all RF is blocked (mobile phones can be a problem) so I cannot comment on the in-built AM tuner. The FM ‘wire’ is also not used. I have however found that a normal FM…

M. E. R. Orchiston "Nutmegan" says:

Stereo system This system is really neat – it just fits on a small table and the sound quality is excellent. The radio reception is good but could be better – it may have something to do with using an indoor aerial. For the money I would say it’s excellent value.

MrStillwater says:

Good mini hi-fi I’ve been using this in our kitchen to listen to while cooking, and have been very happy with it. It looks nice, is compact and reasonably well made and the sound is good for such a small system (it’s clear even with it stationed at the far end of the room away from me).

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