Garmin Nuvi 2440 5″ Sat Nav with UK and Western Europe Maps

June 24, 2013 - Comment


John says:

Sat Nav We bought this after talking to a few people and used it for the first time to travel from France down through Italy, across Scily and all over Malta. It did not falter once. It was in short the best sat nav I have used. Much better then my previous Tom Tom.

Kenny M "Kenny" says:

At Last – One That Is Really Good I have tried several of the new Garmins but this one best fits the bill for me. It has most of the advanced SatNav features of the new range of Garmins at a reasonable price. However, note it doesn’t have Traffic info (which can be added as an extra but which has its pit-falls anyway – see other reviews) and this means the power cable for in-car use is slimmer, neater and much less intrusive.This model works well and does not suffer from the somewhat quirky on/off switch of some of the…

gt9971a says:

Effective system Pros -1. Easy to use2. Good to use around London (haven’t tried it beyond that but I imagine it’s just as good)3. Bright screen with good instructions for navigation4. No software issues (yet); no resets so far after using for a month3. Seems to be build wellCons -1. Does not re-navigate fast enough — can be a little annoying when you need to get your bearings fast enough2. May not provide the best route — however this I’ve…

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