Panasonic SC-BTT490EBK Full HD 3D 5.1ch Blu-ray Home Cinema System Region 2 (Old model)

June 25, 2013 - Comment


Mod FD "Mod FD" says:

VFM one box solution Bought this to replace a still adequate Sony IAS system to upgrade to blu-ray and reduce the size of the sub-woofer which was a downside of golf ball size speeakers.Got this linked to a Panny 42″ GT30 plasma TV which has a great picture and with a blu-ray through the BTT490, the picture is simply stunning……….we don’t know anyone else with a better picture on their TV.Got the box linked with a Chord hdmi cable and a QED optical audio in. Sound is better than my old Sony but…

Phill Taylor says:

A few issues Got this system a couple weeks ago now to go with the Panasonic telly ( 50″ ).Pretty happy with it. Would have liked a browser ability instead of VERY limited internet access allowed.The problem I have found and not been able to resolve, Forget Panasonic help line by phone or email no response despite manageing to get through on phone promised me they would get back with a response within 24 hours nothing.Problem one centre speaker will work on sound test only but not…

Stu says:

Panasonic Surround Sound I had been looking for a Blue Ray Cinema Surround Sound system for quite some time, Panasonic had all the features that I wanted, but I was not prepared to pay the Silly Money they were asking, I also wanted Panasonic as It would match the TV we have and the DVD Recorder and hopefulkly all work in harmony.As a Lay man I found a certain amount of difficulty setting the system up, there was quite a lot of initials used which they assumed you would know what they were (Which I did Not) All…

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