Sony MHCEC79I.CEK Mini System with Direct iPod Dock

June 24, 2013 - Comment


Metalheadkicks says:

Good quality Sound as expected from a SONY OK, I am not a hardcore Sony fan. I have bought quite a few ipod docks over the past years and all of them equally good – Loud!REcently I bought Logic-3 Jivebox Ipod dock, which is a cube made of each side equal to a small notebook. Its too small and the sound it produces is praiseworthy. But the volume was not high enough for me, although BASS was sufficiently high.I came accross the Sony Mini HIFI in a retail shop and brought it home to check it out. It cost me exactly…

W. Mc Connell says:

Brilliant Product this product is absoletly amazing… it has everything you could want in it and blasts out sound perfectly. And not to mention it looks astounding!!! great to buy and would reccomend to all my friends!!Charges ipod while listening to songs (no use for a charger), plays cds and has radio…what more could you want!! the speakers are just about the right size aswell and great to listen to ipod through the 380w speakers… also the remote comes in very handy.I would…

Mrs. D. Mcnutt says:

Superb Downgrade/Upgrade Well i was very surprised with this product i have owned a SONY LBT-XB 500 for about 10 years which in many peoples opinion was the best system they ever i was naturally wary of buying a “Mini” system at all!When i baught this i was looking for something small but Very good quality, i had the bonus of seeing this in a local store before i bought it and it looked cracking and sounded great. for the price of this mini Hi-Fi it is a real bargin as the sound it produces is…

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