Blingstring Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights with 120 LED Bulbs

June 24, 2013 - Comment


Andy M says:

Blingstring LEDs These lights are great for camping. They are not bright enough to read by etc, but give enough light for relaxing in the evening over a glass of wine and putting the world to rights with mates. Just set up the solar panel outside the tent thread lights around inside the tent, and the lights will switch themselves on automatically as the light levels drop. You can switch them off so they won’t disturb you when you turn in. You can set them to flashing mode ….. limited use when camping, unless…

Ex-pat Taff says:

Fantastic little product! Everyone’s heard the expression `cheap and cheerful’ and it certainly applies to these fairy lights – in the best possible way! One of the least expensive solar-powered versions you can buy, but these little fellas are great – bright little points of light that really cheer up your house or garden when the night comes.OK; first the practical stuff. Assembly couldn’t be easier – there really isn’t any! Just fit the ground spike (or the wall mount if you’re using that), wind out…

eadpp01 says:

Solar lighting Having followed the instructions on charging to the letter I have found the Blingstring outdoor solar Fairy lights to be a reliable and pleasing product.I have left the lights to on all through the summer months and have found them still flickering away each morning even with the appalling weather we have had.All in all an excellent product.

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