Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer, Aluminium

June 24, 2013 - Comment


Mr X "Mr X" says:

A great machine… Being new to the world of juicing, I thought I would do some research before investing in a machine. Having spent umpteen hours on the internet, I descovered so many conflicting reviews of the different machines, taht I came away feeling more baffled than before I started.

Gadget Fan "G-ESS" says:

Really Terrific Juicer….! This is the first Juicer I’ve had and I read all the reviews before I bought this one. I wasn’t disappointed, It looks good, juices well and is easy to clean. My wife and I have a juice coctail every day now and our diet has improved considerably. Do yourself a favour, buy one of these…1PS Just seen a juicing demonstration on TV and the demonstrator used a medium clear plastic food bag to line the pulp collector and so collect all the pulp, since then we haven’t had to clean out…

Jeanette "Jeanette" says:

If it’s your 1st juicer you will think its great Overall this is not a bad juicer. However, I bought a juicer when they first came out, which is still going strong. The only reason I bought a new one is for the large opening to put the fruit in i.e. whole apples. For my old juicer you would have to cut up the fruit very small which does take time with the philips it is so much easier just wash and put in. (Except oranges which need to be peeled first).I too find that the mush that is left is still quite wet certainly not as…

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