Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box

January 8, 2014 - Comment


bemused "sophestar" says:

Fine for novelty but you CAN NOT OFFICIALLY NAME A STAR! This is a lovely idea in principal, and probably makes a fun gift, however the information is a little misleading if not actually illegal. The only organisation able to name stars officially is the International Astronomical Union, and none of this is ever done for money, just occasionally to honor particular scientists and the like. Most stars have and always will just have a catalogue number. So while the certificate might look nice, there is actually no change to the star’s name in any…

astrogirl says:

Have you done your homework? What a sham. Please dont waste your money on this NOVELTY gift. I believe this product on Amazon deliberately deceives customers into believing their star naming is official rather than a novelty – what a con. By claiming that it’s copyrighted or registered with the British Library or similar, when in fact this is meaningless and certainly doesn’t make it officially recognised.A novelty disclaimer should be on this Amazon site and other related ‘Name a…’ novelty gifts.

KC says:

NOT IMPRESSED Not impressed. The item was brought as a gift and the recipient of the gift who is computer literate tried to register a name on-line without any success. iTalkonline were contacted via Amazon – no response has been forthcoming. It has now been over two weeks since referral to the seller via Amazon.

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