Wedding Gift [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

December 13, 2013 - Comment


Jking "vegasbabe" says:

WHAT A FILM This is a totally British film that captures the essence of the British stiff upper lip and the “just get on with it” mentality. To me if a film stirs my emotions, whatever kind, anger; frustration; love; etc etc, then it must be good, and boy was this one good!!! You will not regret watching this film. Julie Walters’ humour is fantastic and Jim Broadbent gave a superb performance as the Husband. I cannot rate this film enough. A bit of a chick flick at times, but please give it a try!.

H. Price "cyndarita" says:

Originally filmed as “Wide Eyed and Legless” This is the television adaptation of Diana’s Story by Deric Longden. It’s the autobiographical story of his marriage to his first wife, Diana, and follows her battle with M.E. as she and Deric struggled to find answers from a completely baffled medical profession.Diana was never diagnosed with the illness: she died before M.E. became more widely known.Perfectly cast, this story of how a vibrant woman, full of life, can be struck down by a debilitating illness that no-one can…

CatMad JoJo "CatMad JoJo" says:

Rate 5 stars for the content I know to be there I’ve rated this 5 stars as I’ve read the book and adored it. I love Deric Longden’s work – he’s brilliant.However THIS DVD DOES NOT WORK IN THE UK!!! Therefore I’ve been quite unable to view this brilliant film. :-(

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